Supine Concert
In the rush of life's circumstances we all too often forget to enjoy the moment and observe our sensations! It is time to take a break from all this city bustle and dive into the images of the magical world and spectacular music.

Supine Performance & Concert.

[JOINT CONTEMPLATION] these are stories aka flights created using opticopter filmed video footage in India and a live musical accompaniment by a cello.

Thise unique meditative video and cinematic sound allow you to immerse in a special state and space of your sensations and feelings.

[JOINT CONTEMPLATION] is a INNOKINO medialab project, created specifically for the [CAMERA] space and the magical voice of Inna Budnikova.
Live performance, XXXXXXX voice and musical improvisation interact with the audience and its mood and state. People, visuals and music are getting blended up all together into one and joint harmonious picture.
Each performance offers a new story, new immersion and new music.

[JOINT CONTEMPLATION] perfectly suits you if you:
• are live music admirer;
• are interested in media projections;
• are looking for you place in the world and getting to know yourself;
• are willing to relax and summon energy up;
• are in search of new adventures and experiences.

Cooperation between the [CAMERA] project and INNOKINO medialab was created following Yelena’s Oger’s idea.

Live performance, Inna's voice and musical improvisation are adjusted to the audience.

Price 5000 rub
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